Where does your meat come from?

It is getting harder and harder to determine what country meats like beef and pork come from. Multinational companies are importing meat from countries like China. These products show up on local store shelves and because of weak laws they are not required to say on the labeling the country of origin. Worse they are allowed to say that it’s a product of the USA because it was packages for sale here.

Why is this bad? Not all countries have strict enforcement of laws requiring proof of statements like “Grass Fed” or “Free of Anti Biotics”. You may not be getting what you thought you were purchasing. It also is bad for American ranchers who are being hurt by cheaper meats being imported from other countries.

What can you do?

You can come to a local company like Malco’s Buxton Meats to purchase meats for your family. At Malco’s Buxton Meats you are supporting a family business that has been serving the community since 1942.

Malco’s Buxton Meats is one of few meat markets in the area that is a USDA Regulated processor. Our facility is constantly inspected by the USDA and required to meet strict guidelines. You can rest assured that all animals with are treated humanely with dignity and respect.

Another benifit to purchasing locally, your money stays in the local economy.

For local, healthy & humane meat you should be coming to Malco’s Buxton Meats.

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