At Malcos Buxton Meats we recognize and value each and every one of our customers and appreciate the different needs they may have. The expertise and skill our master butchers posses in cutting meat is one of the areas that we pride ourselves on. Whatever recipe you are planning to re-create or if you just want your meat cut in a particular way we can do it for you. Come in and talk to our team who will be happy to advise and help you. Nothing is too much of a challenge!

Cutting Instructions

This is not a consumer product. The Cutting Instructions and corresponding pricing information is for our farmer processing customers.

Please choose from the list below for the proper Cutting Instructions form.

To get the lot # and hanging weight of your animal please email us:

Wild Game Processing for NW Hunters

These are some of the items we offer for wild game:

  • Traditional Processing
  • Summer Sausage
  • Pepperoni Sticks
  • Franks
  • Burger
  • And more!

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