2024 Price Sheet for Custom Processing & USDA

2024 Price Changes
Effective 1 April 2024

DEPOSIT is required to book and confirm all appointments.

Step 1. Scheduling

Please give us a call to schedule your appointment/processing date. Deposits are required at the time of scheduling.

Deposits are pre-paid for slaughter fee. Deposits are non-refundable/NO Cash Back.

Please give us a call to change your scheduled date (30 days in advance).

Step 2. Drop Off Animals

Drop off is available 24/7. Drop off date will be provided at the time of schedule. Please fill out drop off documentation.

  1. Livestock Identification Form Click Here To Download This Form
  2. Ante-mortem Form Click Here To Download This Form

Completed forms should be left by pen.

Cutting instructions are due within 5 days from drop off date
(If none are sent within the 5 days, cutting orders will be made standard)

Beef Slaughter Only Fees

Beef Slaughter Only Hanging Weight Fees:
Beef Under 800lbs –$170
Beef Over 800lbs –$190
Beef Over 1000lbs –$280
Beef Over 1200lbs –$350

Hog Slaughter Only Fees

Hog Slaughter only Hanging Weight Fees:
Hog Zero lbs – 400lbs – $110
Hog Over 400lbs-500lbs – $150
Hog Over 500lbs – $160

Lamb/Goat Slaughter Only Fees

Lambs/Goats $75

Slaughter Only Fees

Exotic: $330 (Buffalo, Elk, Bison)

Beef Processing Fees
(No Quarters Orders)

Beef Under 800lbs (Hanging Weight) –$160
Beef Over 800lbs (Hanging Weight) –$180
Beef Over 1000lbs (Hanging Weight) –$280
Beef Over 1200lbs (Hanging Weight) –$350

Beef over 30 months: (SRM REMOVAL) Extra $25.00 Flat Fee unless Birth Records prove otherwise at the time of dropping off beef- please leave a copy on the stall
Processing Whole or Half Cryo-Vac/ Roll stock – $1.25 /lbs
Exotic Processing Whole or Half Cryo-Vac/ Roll stock – $1.75 /lbs
Bone Out Whole Beef For Sausages (Meat Sticks, Summer Sausage, Franks): $0.90/lbs

1 steak per package: $40 per beef
1 steak per package: 3/4 inch $60 per beef
1lb package ground: $45 per order for every 100lb of ground -Including First 10-100 /lbs

Additional Services
Patties: $1.20/lb. with 100 lb. Minimum (For Each Size)
Sizes available 1/4, 1/3 & 1/2

Lamb and Goat Processing Fees
(No Half Orders)

Lamb/Goat Slaughter $65
Lamb/Goat under 65lbs hanging weight is a flat fee of $80 each
Lamb/Goat processing over 65lbs – $1.25 per lbs

Hog Processing Fees
(No Half Orders)

Hog Slaughter: $100
Hog Large over 400lb: $135
Hog Over 400lbs-500lbs – $150
Hog Over 500lbs – $160
Bone Out Whole Hog For Sausages (Summer Sausage, Franks): $0.90/lbs
Processing Whole Hogs Cryo-Vac/Roll stock – $1.25 /lbs
Processing Whole Hogs over 400lbs Cryo-Vac/ Roll stock – $1.40 /lbs
Processing Whole Hogs under 125lbs hanging weight is a flat fee of $160/lbs

Must have 4 or more hogs processed/boxed together for smoked items
-Hogs need to be around 180/lbs – 300/lbs hanging weight for Bacon/Ham/Hock’s to be made.
-Hogs UNDER 160/lbs cannot make Smoked SLICED Bacon (only 1 pound slabs)
-Hogs OVER 300/lbs Smoked Ham must be boneless for an extra charge. 

 (If you would like to have your Hog Smoked & Boxed Individually Prices are $3.00/lbs) 

Smoked Bacon & Sliced-if able (Regular cure)- $2.50/lbs
Smoked Ham (Regular cure)- $2.50/lbs
Smoked Hocks- $2.50/lbs
Smoked Boneless Ham $3.50/lbs

Boxes $2.50 each *We are required to box all orders

Cooked Products

*Please note if you are requesting FRESH or Smoked on cutting orders*

Beef Only Meat Sticks: 1/2# packages: $4.50/lbs
Beef/Pork Smoked Franks: $2.75/lbs (North Country, German Brown, Beer, All Beef)
Jalapeno Cheese Franks: $4.15/lbs
Summer Sausage (Regular or North Country): $2.75/lbs
Smoked Garlic Links: $2.75/lbs

(*Extra if pork added at $1.00/lbs)

All cooked product has to have 75lbs of trim meat minimum for each


*Please note if you are requesting FRESH or Smoked on cutting orders*

Fresh- Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Breakfast, Chorizo: $2.55/lbs
Fresh- Jalapeno Cheese: $4.10/lbs
Fresh Garlic Links: $2.55/lbs

(*Extra if pork added at $1.00/lbs)

ALL types of sausages require 75lbs trim meat minimum for each

Bulk sausages- Beef, Pork, Lamb or Goat
Under 25lb bulk sausages (seasoning) are no additional charge- 1lb per package.
Over 25lb bulk sausages (seasoning) are 75c per pound-1lb per package


During the time your animal is cut and wrapped you the consumer are responsible to pick up your order no more than 7 days after the office informs you that the order is ready to be picked up. If you do not pick up within 7 business days a late fee of $100.00 per order will be charged every 5 business days. Completed orders may be donated after 45 days.      Pick up times are Mon- Fri 8-3 Sat 8-1 Please call if you need to make other arrangements. We DO NOT accept Checks. Only Cash, Debit or Credit Card(4% is added to all credit card amounts)

*We do not save hides or heads

Please fill out cutting instructions with our website

Email: 1Malco79@gmail.com

If you would like to know your animals’ weight or lot number call us @ 503-668-4838 x2 or send an email