2023 Price Sheet for Custom Processing & USDA

Deposits are required at time of scheduling

Cutting instructions are due within 5 days from drop off date
(If none are sent within the 5 days, cutting orders will be made standard)

Slaughter Only Fees

Beef Slaughter Only Hanging Weight Fees:
Beef Under 800lbs -$170.00
Beef Over 800lbs -$190.00
Beef Over 1000lbs -$280.00
Beef Over 1200lbs -$350.00

Hog Slaughter only Hanging Weight Fees:
Hog Zero lbs – 400lbs – $110
Hog Over 400lbs-500lbs – $150
Hog Over 500lbs – $160

Slaughter Only Hog: (0lb‐400lb live weight) $105.00
Flat Fee Over (400lb Pig) $145.00
Lambs/Goats: $80.00
Exotic: $330.00 (Buffalo, Elk, Bison)

Beef Processing Fees
(No Quarters Orders)

Beef Under 800lbs (Hanging Weight) -$160.00
Beef Over 800lbs (Hanging Weight) -$180.00
Beef Over 1000lbs (Hanging Weight) -$280.00
Beef Over 1200lbs (Hanging Weight) -$350.00

Beef over 30 months: (SRM REMOVAL) Extra $25.00 Flat Fee unless Birth Records prove otherwise at the time of dropping off beef- please leave a copy on the stall
Processing Whole or Half Cryo-Vac/ Roll stock – $1.25 /lbs.
Exotic Processing Whole or Half Cryo-Vac/ Roll stock – $1.75 /lbs.
Bone Out Whole Beef For Sausages (Meat Sticks, Summer Sausage, Franks): $0.90/lbs.

1 steak per package: 3/4 inch $60.00 per beef
1lb package ground: $45.00 per order for every 100lb of ground -Including First 10-100 /lbs.

Additional Services
Patties: $1.20/lb. with 100 lb. Minimum (For Each Size)
Sizes available 1/4, 1/3 & 1/2

Lamb and Goat Processing Fees
(No Half Orders)

Lamb/Goat Slaughter $65.00
Processing Whole Goat or Lamb Cryo‐Vac/ Roll Stock: $80.00
Lamb/Goat processing over 65lbs – $1.25/lbs

Hog Processing Fees
(No Half Orders)

Hog Slaughter: $100.00
Hog Large over 400lb: $135.00
Bone Out Whole Hog For Sausages (Summer Sausage, Franks): $0.90/lbs.
Processing Whole Hogs Cryo-Vac/Roll stock – $1.25 /lbs.
Processing Whole Hogs over 400lbs Cryo-Vac/ Roll stock – $1.40 /lbs.
Processing Whole Hogs under 125lbs hanging weight is a flat fee of $160/lb

Must have 4 or more hogs processed/boxed together for smoked items
-Hogs need to be around 180/lbs – 300/lbs hanging weight for Bacon/Ham/Hock’s to be made.
-Hogs UNDER 160/lbs cannot make Smoked SLICED Bacon (only 1 pound slabs)
-Hogs OVER 300/lbs Smoked Ham must be boneless for an extra charge. 

 (If you would like to have your Hog Smoked & Boxed Individually Prices are $3.00/lb.) 

Smoked Bacon & Sliced-if able (Regular cure)- $2.50/lbs.
Smoked Ham (Regular cure)- $2.50/lbs.
Smoked Hocks- $2.50/lbs.
Smoked Boneless Ham $3.50/lbs.

Boxes $2.50 each *We are required to box all orders

Cooked Products

*Please note if you are requesting FRESH or Smoked on cutting orders*

Beef Only Meat Sticks: 1/2# packages: $4.50/lb. 
Beef/Pork Smoked Franks: $2.75/lb. (North Country, Kielbasa, German Brown, Beer, All Beef)
Jalapeno Cheese Franks: $4.15/lb.
Summer Sausage (Regular or North Country): $2.75/lb.

Smoked Garlic Links: $2.75/lb.

(*Extra if pork added at $1.00/lb.)

All cooked product has to have 75lbs of trim meat minimum for each


*Please note if you are requesting FRESH or Smoked on cutting orders*

Fresh- Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Breakfast, Chorizo: $2.55/lb.
Fresh- Jalapeno Cheese: $4.10/lb.

Fresh Garlic Links: $2.55/lb.

(*Extra if pork added at $1.00/lb.)

ALL types of sausages require 75lbs trim meat minimum for each


During the time your animal is cut and wrapped you the consumer are responsible to pick up your order no more than 7 days after the office informs you that the order is ready to be picked up. If you do not pick up within 7 business days a late fee of $100.00 per order will be charged every 5 business days. Completed orders may be donated after 45 days.      Pick up times are Mon- Fri 8-3 Sat 8-1 Please call if you need to make other arrangements. We DO NOT accept Checks. Only Cash, Debit or Credit Card(4% is added to all credit card amounts)

*We do not save hides or heads

Please fill out cutting instructions with our website

Email: 1Malco79@gmail.com

If you would like to know your animals’ weight or lot number call us @ 503-668-4838 x2 or send an email