The meat company was originally started in 1942. This company became Malco’s Buxton Meats. We are one of only 11 USDA on-site inspected processing centers in the state of Oregon. Whether you’re a big ranch or a small grower no order is too big or too small. We’re here to support our local economy one customer at a time.

Here at Malco’s we offer whole and half beef shares to the public offering local grass fed beef with no added hormones, dry aged in our cooler for 2-3 weeks to get maximum flavor and tenderness. Few places remain that offer such a service and history behind the art of master butchery and a craft that is slowly becoming a thing of the past. There is great reward knowing where your meat comes from, who raised it and how it’s processed. The fact that it is local and the animals are humanely processed under USDA inspection all in one place is hard to find. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have great tasting beef for your family.

Malco's Buxton Meats

Processing Services for Northwest Farmers

  • Lower Volume USDA Slaughter and Processing Plant.
  • Our lower volume insures greater USDA inspection frequency.
  • A variety of choices for cutting instructions.
  • 30+ year butchering & slaughtering.
  • Product Quality and Public safety is our highest priority.
  • All in house services rendered with competence and pride.
  • Custom Slaughter, Cut & Wrap.